Adopt a mighty Moringa tree


We are starting up a new initiative to empower women and children in this country by developing a fruitful, productive garden, full of mighty Moringa trees. The garden will be set up in Windhoek, the capital of Namibia. The project was developed in cooperation with volunteers from the Netherlands.

Due to the alarmingly high unemployement rate in Namibia, women are struggling more and more to cope with everyday life. Usually, the women have to earn their living, provide for their families and raise the children. No work means no money and no food. The women are dependent on gifts from other families or from the church, which makes them not self-reliant. Generally speaking, people who are independent and self-reliant have a much better chance to survive and to do well in society.

A gift of a tree is a gift that will last for generations

That is why YWCA is starting up a Mighty Moringa (MM) garden that will hold 100 trees. We have chosen the Moringa tree because of its specific features: it is called a ‘supermarket on a tree’. Moringa is more than a super food: it is a natural energy booster. It is a fast-growing, drought-resistant tree whose seed pods and leaves are used as vegetables. Moreover, the leaves have an impressive range of medicinal uses and are known as an excellent source of nutrition.

In short, the tree provides food and constitutes a commercial resource: two things that can change people’s lives. It can alleviating suffering, people take advantage of its rapid growth and its outstanding nutritional profile. The task of harvesting the leaves is time-consuming because the leaves are very small and difficult to pick. This task will be executed by the women.The trees will have to be watered weekly – of course, we can do that for you! You are always welcome to visit your tree in the MM-garden and enjoy a Moringa smoothie in Windhoek, Namibia. Add the widget

Your contribution will be highly appreciated. You can adopt a mighty Moringa tree for yourself, or for a loved one. If you adopt one whole tree – for only EUR 89,- /1500 NAD/ZAR –  you will receive a personal eCertificate. You can also decide to adopt together with friends, your children or colleagues.

How to adopt?

For Adopting a mighty Moringa tree we use the site of dreamordonate. There you can view the project. You can donate the amount you wishes at: 7569802 t.n.v. Dream or Donate (IBAN: NL27 INGB 0007 5698 02, BIC: INGBNL2A). Please use the following payment description: 73734-5620

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